RunAway - Escape Room  in Herzliya

Escape from the tense routine, come for safe activities.

At our network, we keep the hygiene and sanitization of the rooms between every game and game, from your arrival to the end of the activity.

Entrance to the place is conditional on wearing a mask and gloves only.

Please take care of us and you and avoid getting to the place if you have any symptoms of the disease.

Take a break from the routine and come into a magical world and another reality you have never experienced before. It's time to spend time in each of our escape rooms scattered around the center of the country.

At our site you will find a wide range of well-appointed and recommended escape rooms.



Escape rooms are not required in green, there is no need to present a vaccinator / recovering certificate or a negative test

We follow the rules of the purple character, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.
(As of this moment, everything related to his new purple daughter has not yet been completely defined, except for a person's limit on every 7 square meters - that our escape rooms meet this requirement.

It is possible that a heat test at the entrance and other rules that do not interfere with the proper conduct of the experience in the escape room will also be defined later.)

a room  Herzliya Escape  Escape Room in Herzliya

In our complex you will find 3 invested escape rooms, recommended  And special!

Our rooms in Herzliya are: Escape Room  Pinocchio  , Escape Room - Strange Things and an empty and morty escape room.

Escape rooms in Herzliya - escape rooms from the movies.  

Escape room  For families   Escape Room for Families

In our complex you will find 3 cool, challenging and fun escape rooms! That they are all suitable for families with children!

  It's time to dump her and move on. Choose your next experience now from one of our escape rooms.