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Pinocchio Escape Room

Love escape rooms? Love cool, fun, and crystallizing birthdays? You have come to the right place!

Birthdays have become a difficult task for parents, every year the children are looking for new thrills, fun experiences and do not always know where to go and who to turn to to create a successful birthday that will keep the children happy and happy. The trends change like socks and you do not keep up with their pace, once you could invite children home and play a passing package and some more board games, some snacks, cake and dancing and that was enough to be considered a successful birthday event. Today in the technological age that every 8-year-old already knows how to operate and play on a computer, children need to find an alternative to computer screens and phones and take them a little out of the ordinary for new and equally cool things.

חבילת יום הולדת

בין אם אתם רוצים מסיבה קטנה ואינטימית או חגיגה גדולה!
אנחנו ראנאווי מתחם חדרי בריחה בהרצליה יכולים לעזור לכם לתכנן את המסיבה המושלמת!
אנו מציעים חבילות יום הולדת, השכרת חדר אירוח והנחות לקבוצות גדולות.

השעות שלנו גמישות, אנחנו יכולים לעשות את המסיבה בשעות הערב או מוקדם בבוקר בימי ראשון עד שישי.

בחרו חבילת יומולדת שכוללת אוכל ושתיה או השכירו את חדר האירועים שלנו והביאו משלכם.
לראנאווי מתחם חדרי בריחה יש הכל כדי להפוך את יום ההולדת שלך ליום הטוב ביותר בשנה!

מה חבילת יום הולדת שלנו כוללת?

משחק בחדר בריחה - עד 30 שחקנים במקביל!

חדר יומולדת צבעוני ומקושט

חטיפים, פיצות ושתיה מתוקה

מוזיקה (תוכלו להכין פלייליסט משלכם!)

הזמנה מעוצבת לשליחה למוזמנים בוואטסאפ

*לא כולל עוגת יום הולדת

מוכנים למסיבה?

טופס פנייה למסיבת יום הולדת

כמות משתתפים

בחירת מקום לחגיגה

After realizing that a birthday in an escape room is not a bad option at all, you only have to choose the place.

Choosing a place to celebrate It is important to check a few things.

1: Are the rooms suitable for children? You want a non-scary room that does not contain frightening things like darkness, scary paintings, skeletons and skulls, blood and more ... Although there are children who like these things, you should always take an option in advance that in the moment of truth the children will be afraid and not want to participate in the experience.

2: The amount of people the room can accommodate - a standard escape room can accommodate between 2-7 participants. There are rooms that are larger than the rest and are suitable for large groups and events where 10-15 participants can enter.

3: The rooms' experience in running a birthday party - You do not want to be an experienced person in a company that has not done birthday sessions in the past. It is advisable to choose a company that has several years of experience in the field and a wide audience of recommending customers.

4: The cost of the event - Escape rooms are not a cheap business and it should be taken into account that you will probably be fined for the event. It is therefore important to do a market survey and choose the company that is most suitable for you financially but it is important to understand that if you choose cheaper rooms they are probably less invested and less acceptable so they try to attract an audience by lowering prices.


Our company meets all the standards that exist in the market today, the rooms are technological, large, fun and crystallizing with a variety of good reviews and recommendations from a wide audience of people who have already visited our rooms.