Escape rooms with children

Want to take the Childs to an escape room but are afraid they won't connect to the experience?


Not sure if your kids are the right age or if it's for them at all?


That is exactly why we have prepared a short article for you - for escape rooms with children.


The first step is to choose the room - in most cases you will already know by the name of the room whether it is suitable for your children or not (for example, the "Wonder Cave" escape room will probably be more suitable for families with children than the "The Knife" escape room).

But it's always recommended to read reviews of players who have been there and even more - call the room itself!


Each escape room is suitable for different ages - do not expect that if the child enjoys one room he will enjoy the other

It is always advisable to check with the employees of the same escape room that is appropriate for your children's ages.

It is not recommended to bring a baby to escape rooms, no matter what room - there are rooms that can also be dangerous for babies

Prepare - When you first go to an escape room with the children, you should prepare them for the experience in advance


Explain that there is always a way out and that it is just a game designed for fun.


If you are aware of specific children's fears (darkness, claustrophobia, etc.), you may want to consult the escape room.


The challenge! - The biggest difficulty is holding back and not trying to solve the whole room yourself.

If the parents are completely absorbed in solving all the riddles the children will probably be less likely to start bothering or going crazy to get attention.

The most effective solution to this is also the simplest - to stop, listen and try to help.


Show excitement as things happen inside the room, as the sound changes or a door opens, the more excited you are the child.

And of course, work according to the rules of the room, even here the child looks at you, if you touch where not allowed, why not do it?

If you use force, it will try too.

A family escape room can be a wonderful experience for all of you, and who knows - you might even be surprised by your kids!


Curious? Want to know if our rooms will fit your family?

Welcome to contact us or check yourself on our site!


Have a good day and a good game! 😉


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Escape rooms with children

Escape rooms with children

Escape rooms with children

Escape rooms with children